Real-Time Retail is Here

Supercharge business operations with No-Code Decision Intelligence

Cerebra is the No-Code Decision Intelligence solution that gives marketing and merchandising teams the power to optimize their businesses using data-driven direction over guesswork.

Move from fast retail to real-time retail. No more missed opportunities, wasted inventory, or mis-priced SKUs. Cerebra pushes timely recommendations with predicted business impact instead of more data requiring time and effort to interpret.


Supercharge productivity with insights and actions that have the maximum impact


Accelerate operations in real time with AI that proactively optimizes profitability and reduces waste


Execute actionable insights automatically with data-driven decision making

Cerebra continually analyzes all available internal and external data sources to discover actionable insights that maximize brand profitability, drive the best possible customer outcomes, and minimize inventory waste.

There is no need to train staff on big data analytics, business intelligence or data wrangling. Point, click, configure, profit.