About Us

Cerebra grows profits, reduces waste, and increases customer satisfaction.

Our Purpose

The era of real-time retail has begun. In order to stay ahead of the competition brands need to be able to listen to customers and react instantly to rising searches and new trends. Getting closer to customers means access to more data than ever before, but having access to an extensive amount of data doesn’t guarantee optimum usage. You need the right tools to focus on high-impact insights, evaluate potential outcomes, and prioritize optimal results.

Most organizations settle for the tip of the iceberg due to the challenge of building an advanced data organization. And true potential is left unrealized, resulting in inefficiency, wastefulness, and lost opportunities. Cerebra takes the guesswork out of decision making by giving your team actionable, data-driven answers without the need for a data team working around the clock.

We are driven by a desire to shape a sustainable world where everybody can make better decisions. That’s why we leverage the full potential of connected data by making Decision Intelligence accessible across business teams. It’s a passion to unravel a bigger picture that, with the right insights in the right hands, translates to better customer relationships, stronger financials, and a healthier planet.



Empowerment to us means enabling everybody to make an impact. Sharing the knowledge, offering the tools, and giving the authority to make decisions, act, and experiment.


With a continuous improvement mindset, we are constantly asking ourselves: “How can we make it better?” We put quality before quantity, to drive results and create value.


We have an unwavering curiosity and bravely forge innovative solutions never considered before. We are deeply fascinated with exponential technologies, and the way they can enhance humanity.


Driven by contributing to a better world, we’re determined to find truth and value in the data we crunch. After all, connecting data points unravels the story that provides the answers.


We believe in elegance as a way of living: acting with grace, maturity, and respect. Elegance translates to solutions that are uniquely effective and surprisingly simple.

Our Team

Vehbi Deger Turan

CEO & Founder   

Preet Singh Chhabra

Backend Engineer

Eileen Bosman

Head of Content   

Vaibhav Rai

Backend Engineer  

Ege Sencan

Frontend Engineer    

Sitki Timucin

Head of Insights & Integrations 

Ivo Appelmans

Sales & Partnerships Director    

Adrian Pascu

Customer Success Manager

Marc Sun

Data Scientist   

Zack Miller

Head of Customer Success    

Pero Petricevic

Product Designer 

Greg Renard


Chandra Shekar Bikkanur

Principal Data Scientist    

Ceyda Dirin

Data Scientist 

Sarthak Tandon

Data Scientist