Ad copy insights powered by AI

Surface the insights behind your ad copy based on your performance data. AI algorithms analyze topics and sentiment across your ad platforms, highlight performers, and the best copy for your audiences.

Results Driven By Customers

Stop the guessing game. Engage with your customers in their language, and preferred platforms for improved reach and less wasted ad spend. What Cerebra does for you:

  • Quickly ingest any type of external customer data, such as reviews, mentions, and customer feedback
  • Surfaces actionable insights; from all your customers’ touchpoints

A unique data blend

Cerebra shows you what will sell, why, and how to best promote it based on an integration of your internal data and external signals – both structured and unstructured.

Enhance ad copy with data-driven insights

We identify core interests from every consumer group and recommend the best marketing strategies about how to best serve your products to a rapidly changing market driven by consumers.

  • Discover keywords that make you stand out
  • Determine which key phrases are relevant on which channels
  • Dive deeper into specific reviews that are exemplary for specific personas
  • Observe competitor reviews and descriptions of similar products to explore common themes.

Discover how Cerebra works in this short demo video.

Cross-organizational magic

We tell you the story behind vast amounts of data and enable teams to slice and dice through all the data in one final view. From merchandisers to marketers to external influencers, everyone knows exactly why your customers love your products, who to target, what will resonate, then constantly iterate your ads to hone in and be more relevant. 

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