The Power of Prediction

Predict business outcomes based on data, optimize for ROI, and eliminate the guesswork of decision making.

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Multiply productivity through targeted and timely actions. No need for complex spreadsheets and data teams working around the clock.

Track new trends and product performance in real time. Be the first to capture revenue opportunities with platform orchestrated actions.

Real Customer Results from a Global Brand

more conversion over generic engagements

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Collaboration Across Teams

Data silos prevent teams from collaborating effectively. Connect your existing tech stack and bring teams together with a unified source of truth.

Work together to identify segments, tailor engagements across the organization, and drive the best possible customer outcomes

Real Customer Results from a Global Retailer

increase in sales
predicted trend shifts
reduced inventory

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Efficiency and Sustainability

Decision intelligence makes it possible to move from fast retail to real-time retail. Avoid inventory waste with AI-driven bundling and discounting.

Transaction analysis identifies and recommends strategies to preemptively stop wasteful product returns and cancellations.

Organizational intelligence brings teams together to collaborate on common business goals and to increase productivity through efficient decision making.

Real Customer Results from a Luxury Retailer

per year year in revenue captured from reduced returns and discounts

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wasted inventory, and mis-priced SKUs.