Your Data Science Team At Work

Empower your team with No-Code Decision Intelligence

Most data tools are designed to assist an analyst with a data task. Instead, Cerebra is built to automatically and proactively assist retail professionals with achieving business goals.

How it Works

Cerebra Platform infographic
Cerebra Platform inforgraphic

Actions, Not Endless Data

Move from fast retail to real-time retail. No more missed opportunities, wasted inventory, or mis-priced SKUs. Cerebra pushes timely recommendations with predicted business impact instead of more data requiring time and effort to interpret.

Use Cerebra to work together and achieve
business goals across departments.


Optimize transactions and create the perfect bundles to drive cross-sales and prepare for seasonal trends

Smart Inventory

Manage stocks proactively and optimize for revenue with accurate product sales forecasts

Future Trends

Identify and launch new products with the potential to go viral based on internal and external trends

Customer Retention

Manage customer churn proactively with coordinated engagement and automated nurturing

Dynamic Promotions

Predict the best performing discounts and tailor your offers for specific customer segments

Conversion Boost

Maximize conversions across products, campaigns and channels with strategies to prioritize top performers

Voice of the Customer

Track customer sentiment per product based on internal and external data, and optimize for the best customer outcomes.

See how Cerebra can eliminate missed opportunities,
wasted inventory, and mis-priced SKUs.