Who It’s For

No-Code Decision Intelligence for the world’s fastest-growing retail brands motivated by a future with more profits, less waste, and higher customer loyalty.

Cerebra for Marketers

Discovering actionable insights from data shouldn’t be a challenge. Cerebra makes analytics simple by automatically tracking trends across the web and identifying the best promotional opportunities. With the power of decision intelligence, marketers can drive campaigns at ever-higher rates of performance.

Cerebra for Merchandisers

Eliminate the complexity of launching products and managing inventory by putting AI to work. Cerebra automatically analyses web trends and transaction data for merchandisers and recommends optimizations to sell more products and reduce inventory waste.

Cerebra for CFOs

Cerebra empowers data-driven workforces to make decisions based on business impact. By combining data silos and serving as a single source of truth, teams can coordinate their efforts to boost sales, minimize inventory waste and engage customers effectively.

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